Our Pledge To Safety

All Custom Toys UK plush toys and cuddlies are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards. Safety is at the forefront of our thoughts, right from the planning and design stage of your samples. When turning a design, character or mascot into a plush toy we keep safety regulations in mind. All materials used in manufacturing are guaranteed to be new and free of defect. Custom Toys UK will only work with reputable manufacturers who conform to acceptable working conditions and operating practices. Custom Toys UK prohibits the sourcing of products and or materials from suppliers who impose unethical working conditions and practices on its workers.

Applicable Safety Standards

If distributed within EU, your plush toys need to meet:

EN 71-1:2011 Safety of toys – Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties. Plush toys are subjected to drop tests, push/pull tests, choking/suffocation tests, and sharpness and puncture tests.

EN 71-2:2011 Safety of toys – Part 2: Flammability. Plush toys are tested to ensure that they don’t easily ignite.

EN 71-3:2013 Safety of toys – Part 3: Migration of certain elements. Tests are run on the plush toy’s materials and its surface coatings to check for harmful substances like lead and mercury.


Your cuddlies will have their own custom sewn-in label. On your label we are required to and will print:

  • CE mark
  • Washing Instructions - (Surface Clean Only)
  • Country of Manufacture - (MADE IN CHINA)
  • Material Information - (100% POLYESTER ALL NEW MATERIALS)
  • EN71 Age Recommendation - (3 Years+ Symbol)
  • Custom Toys UK Details - (www.CustomToys.uk CT13 9FF)

As a standard, Custom Toys UK cuddlies are suitable for children 3 years and older. This is due to small parts that can be classed as a choking hazard. Your project manager will assist you in making sure your plush toys are suitable for your target audience, ensuring you will always have the correct information on the sewn-in label.

Third Party Testing

Custom Toys UK can have your plush toys tested by a 3rd party testing laboratory. Every plush toy needs to meet these standards and for every project we have the same working structure to ensure all products fulfil safety standards:

  • All materials are guaranteed to be new and free of defect.
  • Through all stages of design and production we keep safety regulations in mind.
  • Every plush toy is checked on quality at various stages in the mass production process.

If you are interested we can have your plush toys tested at a 3rd party testing laboratory. Please ask your project manager for more information if you require safety certification.

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